About Us

ReelSkinz is more than just a lifestyle brand; it is a company that combines practicality, protection, and fashion into the ultimate ocean and outdoor apparel. Started in 2011, Reel Skinz aimed to capture the magnificent beauty of ocean wildlife without digital manipulation. 

All of our designs begin at the first tug of a fishing line.

Every design proudly showcases the bright, vibrant, and unique colors of fish and ocean wildlife on the finest outdoor apparel, creating a wholesome experience for the outdoor sportsperson or fishing fan! Each design carries a unique fishing story that entails hard work, fishing tactics, sweat and sore muscles, and a proud smile once you secured your catch. Since no digital manipulation was used to create the “skin” fishing shirt designs, each fish collection skin was naturally captured with a high quality camera, uploaded to a software, and simply printed on microfiber fabric.

Reel Skinz apparel is more than just aesthetically appealing; any time you decide to purchase and wear a Reel Skinz product, UPF +50 incorporated material will be providing an extra layer of protection from outdoor exposure. The microfiber UPF fabric weaved in every stitch of our high performance fishing shirts creates a shield for ultraviolet radiation; UV overexposure has been linked to sunburn, accelerated skin aging, and skin cancer. Sun lotion and apparel are the two most common ways our bodies manage to protect themselves from overexposure to the sun. Surprisingly, UPF apparel tends to be more effective than sun lotion since most people apply the lotion too thinly. There are also individuals who easily get sun burn but absolutely love the outdoors. Our UPF fishing apparel allows you to enjoy what you love!

With a UPF rating of excellent, Reel Skinz has your skin care covered, literally!

We especially value the safety of young outdoor fans; with an elevated need for UV protection, children greatly benefit from the added protection of our fishing shirts! Take your children to all of your outdoor adventures without having to worry about their constant exposure to the sun. Reel Skinz further enhances your outdoor experience with non-fading, fast drying, and lightweight materials on all its gear. Our shirts are meant to feel and fit perfectly so you can focus on your next catch! We want you to look and feel great! Our goal is not to hinder what the outdoors has to offer but rather enhance your outdoor experience!

The Reel Skinz culture embraces High Performance Shirts for your open water adventures. Whether you are deep sea fishing, bridge fishing or shore-fishing, cast your line in style! We offer several fishing shirts, most of them incorporating the natural fish skin design. Each long sleeve fishing skin design incorporates four way stretch technology for an extremely comfortable fit, free range of motion in the arms for those tough water battles, and the most breathable, quick drying technology on the market. With so many benefits, we feel we created a brand that acts as a partner in your outdoor adventures.

We also carry exclusive, hand-sketched fish designs for anyone seeking a graphic fishing t-shirt style. Reel Skinz understands that every adventure may not be an outdoor one. Enjoy the comfort of our graphic t-shirts for your every day use.

The success of our performance fishing shirts inspired our fishing board short designs. Our fishing shorts also include UPF microfiber fabric for an added layer of ultraviolet protection. With a water-resistant pocket, customers have the option of carrying a few important items. Customers are welcomed to mix and match their fish skin styles or opt for our high performance fishing bundles and save! We currently offer about 13 different fish skin designs, so if your favorite catch is in our collection, make sure you make it a part of your clothing collection! Our women’s fishing shirts exclusively include fishing tanks. With hand sketched designs as well as our popular “skinz,” we offer a special inventory for our fisher-woman!

Explore the outdoors with gear that was designed to enhance the outdoor experience. Reelskinz is a lifestyle brand for the American working fisherman and outdoorsman. 

Founded in the heart of a passionate fishing captain who resides in Miami, Florida. Reelskinz has taken the market by storm progressively growing and becoming a prospect in the outdoor apparel industry. 

ReelSkinz captures in high definition, what every fisherman and outdoorsman love to see, every time they head to those fishing and hunting grounds. The bright, vibrant, and defining colors of the fish, and animals, are creatively designed onto the finest fabrics with magnificent clarity to deliver a product that reminds us of why we love the outdoors, and fishing so much.